Positive thinking in problem solving

Research shows that people who think positive have a greater capacity to take on board new information. Having positive thoughts about a problem brings the ‘Can DO’ attitude. Mind is gripped by fear and stress when you have a negative attitude towards the problem. Positive thinking frees the mind of these and helps you look at the possibilities. Negative thoughts weaken the brain’s capacity to think broadly and find creative solutions.

A popular story goes like this:

Two sales executives from the shoe industry were sent to explore a possible emerging market in Africa. Both were eager to seize any opportunities.

A month later each returned to report on their observations. Both executives noted that hardly anybody in the country they’d visited wore shoes.

The first executive was frustrated at a wasted journey, and reported that there was no demand for shoes, and therefore no sales opportunity. The second, full of enthusiasm, reported that as virtually nobody wore shoes, there was a vast untapped market and they should start shipping shoes immediately.

This story illustrates a stark difference in viewpoint. Both executives saw the same situation but while one saw opportunities, the other saw only problems.

Mind zooms in on what you focus. You focus on the problem, mind zooms in and the problem grows bigger, instead you focus on the solutions or possibilities, the mind zooms in on the solutions/possibilities.

If you are someone who gets overwhelmed by a problem; find solutions by adapting a positive approach towards it.

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