Personality Development Course

Personality Development Course

Our module on personality development is specifically designed to cater to the demands of training courses organized for senior officers in order to improve functional efficiency.

Further, When operationalized, this module will ensure that participant is given adequate opportunity to gain skills. That will help improve their functional efficiency.


1. Planning
2. Policymaking
3. Decision-making
4. Coordination
5. Communication
6. Motivation
7. Leadership
8. Control
9. Effective listening
10. How to speak effectively
11. Perception
12. Negotiation
13. Collective bargaining
14. Learning
15. Six thinking shoes
16. Six thinking hats
17. Coping stress at work
18. Managing stress
19. Characteristics of high-performing teams
20. Group discussion
21. Effective habits
22. Interview tips
23. Improving memory
24. Social behaviour
25. Social settings
26. Body language
27. Dressing codes
28. Business etiquette
29. Selling Skills
30. Telephonic skills
31. Resume building






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