customer service skill

Customer Service Skills Training


Customer Service Skills Training provides, Participants attending this training course will gain skills and confidence in all main aspects of front-desk reception activities.

Course Layout

Image and Presentation – The Companies instead yours:

  • Understand the importance of creating a positive on the other hand professional first impression on phone callers and visitors
  • Discuss personal presentation instead grooming, as well as maintaining a professional image for the reception area

Communication Skills

  • Analyze how we are perceived when we communicate, and what contributes to positive speech and body language behaviors
  • Understand the benefits of asking questions in providing customer service
  • Investigate a variety of questioning styles to achieve specific outcomes
  • Employ paraphrasing skills to ensure accuracy of understanding
  • Develop listening skills, and look into what creates barriers to our listening and how to overcome these issues
  • Identify behaviors for building rapport

Telephone Techniques:

  • Investigate and refine techniques for greeting and transferring callers, conversely putting people on hold
  • Discuss how to take messages, and what information is necessary for maximum effectiveness
  • Utilize guidelines for general telephone etiquette
  • Identify effective methods of deflecting sales conversely marketing phone calls, balancing courtesy together with assertiveness

Generating Customer Loyalty

  • Understand it takes more than ‘satisfaction’ to generate customer loyalty
  • Realize the impact of word-of-mouth communication by dissatisfied as a matter of fact delighted customers
  • Consider the distinction between ‘service process’ and ‘service outcome’, including tips on improving the customer’s experience of both
  • Identify the ‘Impression Points’ of your business, and how to enhance them
  • Consider the effects of meeting (and exceeding) customer expectations
  • Learn techniques, as a result, responding to customers’ complaints, upset or anger, to ensure a positive outcome for the customer, and for you
  • Recognize what is required for the perception of service excellence

Time Management:

  • Adopt a practical process for managing appointments and tasks in a systematic instead consistent way.

Through these courses, participants will achieve an immeasurable understanding of the principles of good client co-operation. Further, enhance the company’s reputation including also to enable them to identify. Secure other roles and opportunities whilst liaising with their clients. This course will guarantee participants achieve a substantial understanding of the key advantages and skills required to provide a high test of customer service.

Training Methodology

1:1 Training

We follow the coaching approach. The 1:1 training is proven effective as you get desired skills while getting specific detailed feedback. You can get your specific needs addressed which is not possible in a group setup.

We use a combination of powerpoint presentations, role plays, games, activities, case studies and discussions to enhance the training effectiveness.