conflict management training

Conflict Management

Conflict Management Training Provides,  A conflict arises as individuals have varied interests, opinions, and thought processes. When these individuals come together, their interests, opinions, and thoughts clash. If these are not addressed they turn into conflicts. Conflicts occur all the time and are inevitable. Conflicts and disagreements if not resolved lead to negativity and things never reach a conclusion. It only adds on to the tensions including makes life hell. Resolved conflicts can promote greater understanding, cooperation, and bonding between the individuals

Conflict Management Training, Managers today are managing an increasingly diverse workforce, younger and older generations and people from different parts of the country and across the world. This has increased the incidence of conflicts at the workplace. Unless resolved these pose the danger of stalling the functioning of the organization. Hence managers increasingly are looking to augment their conflict resolution skills.

Conflict Management Training, Conflict management is the process of avoiding conflict in a planned manner where possible and organizing to resolve conflict where it does happen, as rapidly and smoothly as possible.

Conflict Management Training, For an organization to be effective and efficient in achieving its goals, the people in the organization need to have a shared vision of what they are striving to achieve, as well as clear objectives for each team/department and individual. We help you learn ways of recognizing and resolving conflict amongst people so that conflict does not become so serious that co-operation at the workplace is impossible.

With the GroomX Conflict Management Training you will learn:

  • Needs also Conflicts
  • Perceptions also Conflicts
  • What is stereotyping?
  • Power also Conflicts
  • Conflict and other associated causes
  • Functional including Dysfunctional conflicts
  • Tools for Conflict management
  • The causes also effects of conflict
  • Stages of conflict
  • Factors affecting conflict resolution
  • Key skills for handling a conflict
  • Techniques for managing the conflict
Training Methodology

1:1 Training

We follow the coaching approach. The 1:1 training is proven effective as you get desired skills while getting specific detailed feedback. You can get your specific needs addressed which is not possible in a group setup.

We use a combination of powerpoint presentations, role plays, games, activities, case studies also discussions as well as enhance the training effectiveness.