Friendly French Etiquette


Socializing has become more and more important in all aspects of our life. Visiting France or meeting a new French Business Associate or just to learn about different cultures.

Look into the below pointers to have a clear idea about some of the simple French etiquette

When you meet someone for the first time a total stranger, shake hands with the person, a touch is important, so let the greeting not just be your Bonjour or Bonsoir – add a hand shake to it.

If the person has been a known friend and a good acquaintance you should greet with a soft hug and a peck on the cheek if you a woman and a hug if you are a man.

It is very common to kiss even strangers, if you come across just ask “on se fait la bise?” (Do we kiss each other?).

When entering shopping stores always greet the manager or the person attending you, when you enter or exit the store. Always add S’il vous plait meaning ‘please’ in the beginning of any question, if you are uncertain about the question or want to again get an answer.

Always add Monsieur or Madame, when addressing people. Ex: Bonjour Madame. (Good morning Madam)

Always carry a gift as a good gesture, big or small is up-to the occasion. Wine is their all time favorite. So whenever in doubt buy wine.
Wait for all glasses to be poured with wine before you start your drink, also wait for the host to raise a toast.
Clink your glass before beginning your drink.
Always pour the wine for the lady.
Taste your wine and enjoy it, wine is like religion in France, so take time to drink it.
The glass is never filled full, so be careful if you are pouring.
Friendly French Etiquette
Learn basic French “Merci Beacoup” meaning Thank you very much will take you a long long way, it is always appreciated if you try speaking in French even if your accent is different.

Learn to say Good Morning/Good evening (bonjour/ Bonsoir) Excuse me (Excuse-moi) No (Non) & Yes (Oui)

Au revoir!

Good Bye!

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