Mid-level managers play a critical role in the ability of a company to achieve its strategic goals. . They are responsible for the success of a project. They are the link between the senior leadership and the workers.  A strong middle management also provides organizations with a pipeline of future leaders. The transition from doing things to getting things done presents a set of challenges to these managers. Without proper training, the new managers transition from star workers to poor managers. Training these managers to cope with the demands of the new role is crucial for the success of the organization.

Putting the managers in a lead role without proper training is only going to spell doom for the organization. The incompetent managers will have negative effect on the employee morale, productivity, customer satisfaction resulting in increased attrition, reduced customer base and reduced profits.  It is in the organizations interest to train the managers for the desired skills.
The GroomX training for mid-level managers aims to equip these managers with the coping strategies for the new role.
Critical problem solving and decision making skills
Effective team managing skills
Enhanced business communication skills
Effective team building skills
Responsible delegation skills
Better stress handling capability
Productive, pro-active and motivated work force
Delegation skills
Impactful communication
Motivational Skills
Interviewing Skills
E-mail etiquette
Presentation Skills
Stress Management

The training is suitable for the employees who are newly promoted to a lead role or who are already in the lead role and wish to hone their skills for this role.

Our trainers are qualified professionals who understand your specific needs and tailor the programs to maximize your learning.

We use a combination of power point presentations, role plays, games, activities, case studies and discussions to enhance the training effectiveness.
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