Mid-level managers play a critical role in the ability of a company to achieve its strategic goals. . They are responsible for the success of a project. They are the link between the senior leadership and the workers.  A strong middle management also provides organizations with a pipeline of future leaders. The transition from doing things to getting things done presents a set of challenges to these managers. Without proper training, the new managers transition from star workers to poor managers. Training these managers to cope with the demands of the new role is crucial for the success of the organization.

Putting the managers in a lead role without proper training is only going to spell doom for the organization. The incompetent managers will have negative effect on the employee morale, productivity, customer satisfaction resulting in increased attrition, reduced customer base and reduced profits.  It is in the organizations interest to train the managers for the desired skills.


The GroomX training program for colleges is formulated to address these requirements of the students and transform them to ready professionals. GroomX has been executing these training programs in many prestigious colleges year on year.

The colleges secure great efforts to equip the students with the essential technical domain skills to facilitate their quick employment. Many organizations who visit the colleges for recruitment find these students falling short of the employability criteria. They are found lacking in the soft skills which the organizations have made it mandatory for employability. While the colleges put efforts to ensure that the students are technically competent, unless these skills are supplemented with the soft skills their employability is low.

The ability to communicate thoughts clearly, stand-up for yourself, adapt to different situations, get along with different kinds of people, positive attitude and the ability to work under pressure, take critical decisions are some of the skills that the organizations deem essential in their work force. Due to this great importance of soft skills, some of the colleges have introduced it as their add-on course to boost the career prospects of their students. These students have an edge against the students who are not trained in soft skills.
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