Did you know that it takes less than a second to make a great impression?  Often first impressions are hard to change. The other person forms an opinion about you based on your appearance. Also, your body language, your demeanor, your mannerisms. And how you are dressed. It is all about the way you walk, talk, stand and sit.

‘Actions speak louder than words’

Body language is an important aspect of communication. So it is called the non-verbal communication. This supplements or even overrides the verbal communication. Hence it is important to understand. And use it effectively in our communication. It is like the spice of the dish; it can make. Or break the communication.
Through this training you will understand the gestures. Which you should avoid while talking to somebody, gestures that make you sound more positive. Or showing your agreement/ disagreement without speaking out. And other aspects related to handshakes, facial expressions and postures.
Body language cannot be faked. It gives vital clues regarding the message you are trying to convey. The receiver who is receptive to these. They can quickly validate your verbal message with your non-verbal message. In any conversation it essential to understand these signals to correctly interpret the message sent by the sender.
Understand what is being communicated by your body language
Project confidence
Read the body language of the other person efffectively
Effectively use the it in your communications

1:1 Training

We follow the coaching approach. The 1:1 training is proven effective as you get desired skills while getting specific detailed feedback. You can get your specific needs addressed which is not possible in a group setup.

We use a combination of power point presentations, role plays, games, activities, case studies and discussions to enhance the training effectiveness.

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