When it comes to clothing, many people suffer from the disease of buying plenty of clothes and yet not having anything to wear for an important event or meeting. Dressing is equally important to the profession one has chosen. You find a huge difference between the attention and respect given to a person who is well dressed in comparison to the person who is not. This can help an individual grow in all aspects.

Figuring out the specific body shape and proportion is necessary for choosing the right clothing. You have to consider the personal color, the occasions while choosing your clothes. Getting dressed is a whole lot easier when you know what works best for your shape.  Looking current is another aspect of dressing. Proper dressing make sure your outfit does not look dated in fabrics, cuts and accessories.

People not only differ in their looks, but also in their personalities. What you favor, what you can’t stand, what you find too boring are all part of your personality. Dress for your personality, in a way which reflects your lifestyle and character at work and play. If the personal style is not built in, you will find yourself uncomfortable while dressing as per the guidance of other related professionals.

Our course gives you the knowledge and the tools to identify your personal style and then suggest a clothing solution which incorporates the same to create an authentic image.
The GroomX tutors are experts in fashion, grooming and etiquette. They keep your comfort and style in mind while advising what’s right for you. You will get the advice that you can keep for the life time.

*We also take weekend classes for Corporates and working professionals.

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