Soft skill refer to various personality traits needed to get along with others and build positive relationships. Unlike the technical skills, which are specific to the relevant technical domain, soft-skills are applicable across job titles and industries. These skills help a person meet the demands of life, be healthy and serve as a productive member of the community. These skills enhance an individual’s interactions, job and career prospects. Employees adept at soft skills will achieve both individual as well as organizational success. Soft-skills and hard-skills can be considered to be two sides of the same coin – one without the other has no impact. Modern corporate establishment prefer employees who can add value to their organization with their soft skills.

The ability to communicate your thoughts clearly, stand-up for yourself, adapt to different situations, get along with different kinds of people, positive attitude and the ability to work under pressure, take critical decisions are some of the skills that are essential for success in life. Knowing your strengths, capitalizing on them and learning new skills with focus on continual improvement are essential. Survival and success in today’s world is impossible without these skills.
GroomX offers a range of soft skills training programs to cater to the varied requirements of people. You may choose the modules according to your needs. We tailor our programs to suit your needs.

1:1 Training

We follow the coaching approach. The 1:1 training is proven effective as you get desired skills while getting specific detailed feedback. You can get your specific needs addressed which is not possible in a group setup.

We use a combination of power point presentations, role plays, games, activities, case studies and discussions to enhance the training effectiveness.

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